Friday, June 14, 2019

Final Reflection

The first part of work that I did for my final project was a timeline JS which explained the beginning era of streaming services, what they do and how they have innovated in the last decade and it's impact on society. This part can be found with a hyperlink on my blog. My development process was just to pick something that everybody loves which is Netflix and other services so I thought it would be a good idea to put it into more detail so I could learn some things since I love these services. This represents my growth because I did the timeline a lot quicker than last time. This can be found as a hyperlink on a blog post called "timeline"

The second part of work that I did was a fake news article which explains that ISIS took over the White House and put the president and his staff under hostage. I believe that this was worthy of a final because I gave a thorough description of the situation which made it appear as if this actually happened. The development process for this was to bring something together that is common nowadays. The president and ISIS. This helped my growth because it helps me detect fake news faster and quicker. This can be found as a hyperlink on my blog called "final news"

The 3rd part of work that I did was a survey which asks people's extracurricular activities and how it impacts their lives. What makes this worthy of a final is that it is a detailed questionnaire of how teens lives are affected from after school activities. This should be a big impact of how the school could think. This was good for my growth because compared to my first survey this was way more detailed and better than the last survey. This can be found as "survey" on my blog.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Survey infographic

Survey infographic

The purpose of this survey is to see how much school work students have on a daily basis here at Sandwich High School and how they feel about it. From the results that I got from my survey a lot of people appear to be stressed out from daily schoolwork here at Sandwich High School as 90% of people say that they are stressed out from their schoolwork. I believed these results could be used to bring down the overall workload at SHS and make students not as stressed and happier to be at school.